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The stretched mylar mirrors used on collimated displays fitted to Full Flight Simulators (and some fixed-based devices) are prone to problems in service. These can range from the build-up of dust over time, stretching due to overdrawing or physical damage; sometimes even leading to the ripping of the mylar.  At SIM OPS  we have the capability to support Customers to alleviate these problems and be independent of the visual system suppliers.


Geometry Checking: SIM OPS can provide specialists on-site to expertly check the geometry of the mirror when it is suspected that the mylar has become stretched or may not meet its original specifications.

Mirror Cleaning:  whilst a light, even, covering of dust on a mirror will not necessarily lead to difficulties achieving the required light levels to maintain qualification, a large build-up can. Problems also occur should someone accidentally touch the mirror surface or the surface become contaminated. At SIM OPS we have experienced staff who can wash your mirror whilst minimising the risks associated. For systems with “fold mirrors”, i.e. front projection systems, we can also clean these.

Mylar Mirror Replacement: SIM OPS retains a team who can quickly deploy should it become necessary to replace the mirror skin (mylar). We maintain a supply of skins ready to ship where needed (we have now replaced mylars on three different continents).

Projector and Image Generator Replacement:  Many simulators suffer from obsolete projectors and the inability of the supplier to support them. Sim Ops offers replacement solutions that are designed to require much less maintenance and last longer with higher reliability.  We can also provide support in the selection and fitting of replacement IG.

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