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Role Available

Role description

The role  of Simulator Support Engineer (contractor) offers exciting opportunities to work on and around large aircraft flight simulators. Due to the diverse locations of these devices a lot of overseas travel is required for both short term and long term assignments.

The contractor has to be capable of working independently or in a team environment and must be resourceful enough to be able to identify and solve technical problems in the field. Therefore experience on professional flight simulators, a good general background in IT, electrical and software knowledge are necessary. We are also looking for people  with good customer communication skills. 

When necessary, Sim Ops will  provide the necessary training on manufacturer-specific technologies for the chosen contractors. A strong interest in aviation is also paramount to be successful in this role.

A competitive compensation is provided for the assignments.

Minimum requirements

  • At least two years of experience in the design, manufacturing or maintenance of professional flight simulators

  • Degree or Diploma in Physics, Electronics, Aviation, IT or other related subject

  • Strong interest in aviation

Please contact us by email with your qualifications.

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